New mobile games improve health

When people think of fun, a health insurance company isn’t one of the subjects that leaps to mind. However, US company Humana is looking to change that with their new “Games for Health” initiative. You might be wondering how a mobile game could improve your health more quickly than just going outside for a walk, but hold your skepticism: at least Humana is trying something unique.The first game, “Colorfall”, was released in June. The game is puzzle-based and requires the player to take pictures of objects in accordance with differently-colored tokens. The player then arranges those tokens in the color of the rainbow. Further confounding expectations, the game currently has all 5-star reviews.Another game, “Gold Walker”, puts players in the shoes of a California gold minerliterally. You carry gold in the game based on how far you walk in actual life. In-game activities include staking your claim, buying equipment, and hiring workers to assist you in your quest. Although this title was also released in June, it currently has no reviews.It will be interesting to see if this project pays off for Humana. The games are 0.99 per download, and are the result of a partnership with developer Persuasive Games. The developer creates original games for clients designed to advertise andpersuade. Some of their previous clients include Best Buy, Howard Dean for America, and US Aid. The game “Food Import Folly”, which puts players in the exciting role of an FDA inspector, was created for the New York Times.While interesting, these games will probably remain mere amusements unless there is proof that they bring in more clients for Humana. If these projects actually take off, you can expect to see many more companies following in their footstepsperhaps playing “Gold Walker” at the same time.

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