“Bubble Ball”‘s explosive popularity

Oh, how the times are changin’.While Angry Birds once sat safely on its perch in the Apple Store’s Top Free Apps list, those days ended in early 2010 with the introduction of a new champion: a physics-based game called Bubble Ball. Players drag and rotate pieces on the playing field and use the power of gravity to guide a ball through various levels. The game itself is a stunning example of how far you can go with a good game idea and a little hard work, but the developer has been getting some press of his own. You see, Robert Nay, the game’s coder, is only 14.Even though he’s only slightly older than wireless internet, Nay shows a keen programmer’s eye and ambition. While he is visibly excited and “surprised by how well” the game is doing, he’s not resting back on his laurels. Instead, he plans to release more levels for the free version of the game, and then add more options available for purchase within the application. He also has some other game ideas in mind. Nay was assisted only slightly by his mother, Kari Nay, who drew some of the levels for the game and submitted the title to different online marketplaces.Robert coded the game using Ansca Mobile’s Corona SDK in just over a month. His other hobbies and activities include playing the piano and trumpet, reading science fiction, and attending middle schoolThe young Nay represents a bright future for mobile gamesone in which smartphone users who say to themselves “I could do better” after playing a game actually go ahead and prove it. The media buzz that surrounded Nay with the release of the game will surely fade, but MobileGD will be keeping an eye on young Robert in the futurewhen we’re not playing his new game, that is.

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