The Best New Games For The Smartphone

The top smart phone games all have one thing in common. They are all highly addictive. There is nothing better however, when you are waiting at the airport or stuck in a waiting room than to play one of these popular games. Here are some of the top games available for the smart phone of your choice:

1.Bebbled- Highly addictive gem on top of gem game. Try to nuke the same colors with your gems and there are numerous score combinations and phone rotation to flip the playing field.

2. Replica Island-Run the robot around the island collecting points by jumping, bouncing and running all throughout the island. It is very similar to the Mario game.

3. Angry Birds- This is a hugely popular app that players slingshot birds at pigs throughout the game, trying to destroy all the pigs.

4. Open Sudoku- The number puzzle, Sudoku has been popular for some time and beating out the word finds. You can access lots of sudokus to work by this one app.

5.Abduction- A no-brainer, fun jumping game. All you have to do is have good timing jumping to different platforms. Its fun to play and addictive, as well.

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