The 5 Greatest Smartphone Games For Women

When I first got my smartphone, I really had no intention of using it to play games. I liked the big screen and thought it was cute. However, I have been playing more and more smartphone games. In fact, it is becoming quite the trend among women to play smartphone games with their iPhones and their Android devices. I decided to go through and list the 5 greatest smartphone games for Women.

The number one smartphone game for a woman is Angry Birds. No matter who you are this game is the best available for smart phones. It can be replayed as many times as you feel like and each play through is different. It also doesn’t take too much of your time, as each round is only a minute or two long.

Another great game is Fruit Ninja, which has you slashing fruit on your screen. This game is all about beating your high score which is addictive!

Along the same lines, Tetris is a classic smartphone game, that is among the best games of all time.

The last two games on the list are Bejeweled and Tap Tap Bar. They are both addictive puzzle games that will have you playing more than you ever thought possible!

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