The 10 Best Puzzle Games On The Smartphone

Triple Town:
This game is totally original. You get to build a city of your own while scoring points. You will not be able to put it down!

Everyone loves this game and now you can play it on your smartphone!

Cut the Rope:
This game has 275 levels! You will love the character and amazing graphics!

The Moron Test:
You will love to fail this test. The game is fun, exciting, and silly at the same time.

Burn the Rope:
You will not regret downloading this unique game. You will love it!

Spy Mouse:
In this game you determine the fate of this mouse.Check out this link here. Figure out how to achieve goals for the mouse and have fun playing the game!

ZooKeeper DX:
This is an active, fun puzzle game. Play with the animals and line them up together and you will find yourself moving on to the next stage.

Slice it:
This game involves brain testing puzzles. Once you start playing you will not be able to stop.

Chu Chu Rocket:
This game contains over 500 puzzles with the choice of one to four players! So gather up your friends and solve the puzzles as best you can.

World of Goo:
There are many different levels to this game and they are all exciting and new. Solve the puzzles and you will be rewarded.

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