The 10 Best Action Games On The Smartphone

The 10 best action games on the smartphone list begins with 10 “Infinity Blade”, an action-fighter. Square off against an opponent or battle solo through enemies. Next is the first-person shooter, 9 “Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies” based off of the zombies mode in the console game with the same name. At 8 is the first-person shooter “Modern Combat 3″. This game has incredible visuals and offers a multiplayer mode which allows for up to 12 players. Next is 7 “Real Steel”, an underworld fighting game based on a motion-picture. “Shadowgun”, 6 on the list is a stunning first-person shooter with a captivating story. 5 on the list is “Punch Hero”, a fighting game in a classic, immersive boxing ring. If using magic to fight as a shaman to defeat enemies sounds appealing, then 4, “Runic Rumble” is extraordinary change of pace. 3 “Contract Killer is another first-person shooter with great graphics. Instead of dodging bullets, perhaps fight as a gladiator in “Blood & Gory”, 2 on the list. Last on the list, 1 is “Frontline Commando”. This game is an extremely popular first-person shooter. Users accept missions and utilize various weapons to complete their assigned tasks.Want to know more? Go ahead: Ken Levine: The ‘FP is more important than the S’ in first person shooters

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