The 10 Best Sports Games On The Smartphone

Mobile gaming is differentiated from handheld video games simply by the original intent of the system.  Handheld video gaming takes place on systems especially intended for that purpose, with games that can be purchased externally and inserted into the system.  Mobile games, on the other hand, are played on a mobile phone, direct tv gainesville, smartphone, PDA, handheld computer, or portable media playerdevices which are intended primarily for another purpose, or that equally support a variety of different media. The first mobile game released was Snake, which was featured on a variety of Nokia models in 1997.  Traditionally, mobile games are downloaded off the network and played directly off the device.  However, some games are accessed via Bluetooth, memory card, or infrared connection. Snake was followed by Tetris and Solitaire as one of the earliest gamesrecognizable games with simple graphics that didn’t take up much space.  These were the norm until the early 2000s, when camera phones were invented.  These devices necessarily had more graphic and storage capabilities, and developers were able to offer more advanced games on these platforms.  With the advanced quality of games, mobile phone companies no longer offered the games as freebies.  It was time to turn this new segment of gaming into a business.  The mobile gaming industry has been steadily growing since then, bringing in $2.6 billion in 2005 and a forecast $11.2 billion this year. The variety of games has expanded to include popular franchises (Tomb Raider, Sonic the Hedgehog), simulation games (The Oregon Trail, Date or Ditch), and even massively multiplayer online role-playing games (TibiaME).  This latter has a fanbase as rabid as any traditional role-playing game, with fansites featuring monster, item, and location guides along with interactive forums.  Larger video game publishers have taken note and some have even established mobile gaming divisions, including EA Games and Capcom.  The future of the mobile gaming industry looks bright indeed, and is excited to be a part of it.  Continue checking our website for new information on how to turn your smartphone into the brightest mobile gaming device around.

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