The 10 Best Adventure Games On The Smartphone

An entertaining feature of the new smartphones is the ability to play a video game from anywhere. Adventure games are available and the top ten to consider include:

Zeus Quest

This game features you as Greek god Zeus with a time machine, which allows you to travel in time from 1000-300bc. You have the task of saving the planet with riddles, character interaction and mini games.

The Final Battle

The adventure begins in a prison and you must escape to find out why you were there. You will be fighting for your life, so get your battling skills polished up.

Dread Dracula.

This spooky thriller will have you filling bottles with blood, drinking blood from humans and avoiding creepy Pumpkin Head.


In this game adventurers will have a chance to save earth by firing at meteors that are headed to destroy it. Get your firing finger ready to go in this fast shooting game.

Jewel Hunter

You will have more than 120 levels in which to find jewels. You’ll need to have a quick mind with reflexes to match if you’re going to discover all of the gems in this game.

Lost in the Pyramid

This game will remind you of games from the old 80s systems. You are an archeologist who has found a pyramid and it’s your job to explore it while staying alive.

Eternal Throne

An adventure game that will have you searching for artifacts, battling the Champion of Shadow and challenging yourself with seven different chapters for game play.

Fear of the Dark

This game involves a princess in need of rescue and you, the prince, will have to find her among zombies, werewolves and other scary monsters.

Mystical Ninja

You get to be a powerful ninja who is protecting the world from a suspicious force that is attempting to take over.